Rabat - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It’s probably best for couples and families but Morocco has so many incredible travel options that I think single people could also find a lot to enjoy especial beyond Rabat. - May 2022

From my perspective, this city would be ideal for an active childless couple. Good playgrounds and green spaces are limited in town. The beaches are best for surfing and commonly covered in trash. Rabat is a quiet city that is good for working life and as a home-base for travel in and outside of Morocco. - Apr 2018

Most of the U.S. expat community seems to be families here. There are a few couples and a few singles, as well, but if you want to socialize without kids, it can get a bit tricky, as a lot of the events are organized with kids in mind. This is definitely a product of the fact that Morocco is safe, cheap, and very kid-friendly. - Oct 2017

I think that Rabat is good for anyone. Single women may have a harder time dating than single men, but Rabat is what you make of it. If you get bored, just get in the car or hop on a plane, and you can be in a different place in a few hours' travel time. - Oct 2017

What do you want to make of your tour here? If it's a vibrant nightlife and travel opportunities, then yes. If you have primary school-age kids you have a built-in community waiting for you. If your kids are older, there isn't a lot of opportunity for them to begin to gain independence by stepping out on their own. - Jul 2014

It has a reputation as a family post and this makes sense. There is also plenty for couples to do -- socialize with others, explore Morocco and so on. Singles can also make themselves happy, but the dating options are scarce. Almost everyone we know who came here with a long-distance relationship married that person months later, which wasn't true of previous posts! - Nov 2011

Best for families or couples. There is not much of a bar scene here and many singles complain that it is too quiet. - Sep 2011

This is a family-oriented post, not much to do for singles unless you travel every weekend. - Apr 2010

Families and couples yes. I think it would be hard on singles. - Jun 2008

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