What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Housing is actually very nice. All live in high rises, with three to four bedrooms with a view of the bay or ocean. - Feb 2020

All nice in a small area. All high rise condos. Nobody gets less than a three bedroom. We are a family of 3 (one kid) and have a three bedroom with a large open living/dining area and a secondary den. Each bedroom has it's own bathroom. Closet space isn't plentiful so you do have to be creative with storage. We do not have A/C in our kitchen so it gets hot when you cook. Some newer buildings/condos have A/C in their kitchens. We also do not have a garbage disposal which is annoying. Just depends on what the apartment owners were willing to spend. We all live in walking distance of each other and either have views of the bay or the beach. It's only about a 15 minute commute to the EBO (Embassy Branch Office). - Aug 2019

Housing is all apartments, less than 15 minutes from the Embassy Branch Office even with traffic. They are newer and large and mostly have amazing views of either the Caribbean or the bay. - Mar 2012

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