How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

We have several local grocery stores and most have delivery service for a very minimal cost. PriceSmart (which is similar to Costco or Sams Club) is two hours away in Barranquilla but they recently started offering delivery via the Rappi App which is awesome because they carry a lot of American brand products. Food also cost significantly less here than in the US. The local stores sometimes have a small "international" section that might have a few American products. We get household supplies from Gigante Hogar or HomeCenter or PriceSmart. Yogurt here is very watery & pourable...I'm used to thick yogurt with fruit chunks... - Aug 2019

Most things can be found in Cartagena. Fresh fruit and produce is excellent, even if some days you can't find everything you might want. Meat, especially chicken, is also very good here. Due to exchange rate fluxuations we sometimes get COLA here and sometimes not. - Mar 2012

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