What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

That you're limited to a green zone, and within that zone it's very limited what you can do. Don't expect to walk around some plaza and eat tacos and drink beer. You'll have to find a restaurant to do that. - Apr 2018

Air fare and travel from Brownsville and Harlingen to the rest of the US is not as convenient or inexpensive as we expected. I also wish we would have realized how tiny our green zone would be and that we would have little to no opportunity to really experience the local culture (except for on the US side.) - Aug 2016

That crossing back and forth across the border was going to cost $6. Its a hidden tax thats not accountated for in a COLA, you can't do anything on the Mexican side, but have to pay to enter and exit your own country because the bridges are owned by the county/private company. - Aug 2015

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