Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Yes. You'll need to adhere to all security updates, bulletins and keep aware of your surroundings. During the two years there was a rolling gun battle, several car jacking incidents, and murders reported in select news outlets. However, these issues are not in the housing areas or in the city proper, which will be the green zone you need to stay in. With this said, we have been comfortable and the people of Matamoros very kind and helpful towards Americans. We have our family with us and have had no issues, but we pay attention to our surroundings. - Apr 2018

YES!! Kidnapping, burglary, robbery, murder, carjackings, gun battles between warring drug cartels or between the narcos and the federales, etc etc. However, the very narrow sliver of Matamoros in which we are authorized to travel seems to be calm for the most part. The federal police are quite visible in their trucks with their automatic weapons etc. We have an alarm system in our home, bars on all the doors and windows, and a roving security patrol. Caution and good judgement are called for and that reduces the risk. American consulate personnel are not the targets. It is just a matter of not being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Private American citizens who venture into Matamoros and Tamaulipas do run some serious risks. - Aug 2016

Ummm, a few. Due to narco violence, U.S. employees are restricted from traveling in all but a very small geographic area. Basically, from housing to the Consulate. There have been some incidents inside this area, but for the most part people are safe if they stick to that area and are not out in the middle of the night. Without access to Brownsville, TX it becomes unbearable, but people just abide by the restrictions and then get to Texas as often as they can. The housing area is pretty safe and there are walls/barbed wire/patrols to make sure nothing happens in the neighborhood. Despite the security concerns we rarely felt unsafe after taking the necessary precautions. The biggest fear is getting caught in random gunfight. - Aug 2015

Yes. Travel within Mexico is extremely restricted for USG employees. In Matamoros, about half of the entire city is off limits without a fully armored vehicle. USG employees are not allowed to leave Matamoros to go anywhere else in the region. You can't use any public transportation whatsoever due to far-too-common carjackings, narco road blocks, and kidnappings (though there is one taxi driver approved for extenuating circumstances). All travel within Mexico must be approved by the Regional Security Officer for the region where you wish to travel. The entire state of Tamaulipas (where Matamoros is located) is considered off-limits to USG-employed visitors for pleasure. There is a curfew from midnight to 6 am in Matamoros, and during that time you must be in the area of the city where all USG employees live. - Feb 2012

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