What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Saving money, ease of going to the US anytime you want. If you watch the crossing times at the three bridges, you could get across in minutes. You could even walk if you wanted to. Also, despite the security issues with the TCOs, it was still a pleasant place and assignment. - Apr 2018

The hardship allowance and the ability to save money. Its proximity to the US (we go several times a week and can buy American products). - Aug 2016

There really are no advantages to living in Matamoros, because you don't really do anything in Matamoros except sleep and work. There are advantages to basically living in South Texas. South Padre is about 30 minutes away once you cross into the U.S. Corpus has some nice things, Houston is a 5 hour drive, San Antonio is about 4, Austin is 5. Despite the flights sometimes being a pain, you are close to the U.S. so if you need to get back for family or want to go visit friends you can do it without transiting 4 airports and 3 countries. With the hardship and danger it is easy to save money, unless you travel. - Aug 2015

Easy and constant access to the US! You literally live within 5 minutes of any international bridge to cross into Brownsville, TX. It's easy to save money because everything you buy is from Walmart, Target, or the mall in Brownsville. But the peso is also advantageous, if you can find places to shop in Matamoros. - Feb 2012

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