What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The Consulate has a small, but nice workout area. If you're looking for a Gold's type gym, cross the border into Texas. There is a local gym with an Olympic-size pool that folks say is very nice. - Apr 2018

The consulate has a small but nice gym with an elliptical, tread mill, bike, free weights, bands, etc. There are no gyms in our green zone but there are several options in Brownsville. - Aug 2016

In Brownsville, normal costs, although the Consulate was working to build something when we left. - Aug 2015

There are a few gyms that colleagues use, including one specifically for women that is close to the Consulate. You can also get a discount membership to the Deportivo, which is like a sports club. There are pools, equipment, and a running track. It's nice for Matamoros, but a bit distant from the housing area (10-15 minute drive). - Feb 2012

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