Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

South Texas has some of the largest cockroaches we've seen in our lives, bigger than Bangkok. Fortunately we haven't seen any in Matamoros as large, or as frequent. - Apr 2018

Not bad at our house but others have had cockroaches, killer bees, and a couple of poisonous snakes (Coral snakes). Mosquitoes are an ever present problem so repellent is essential, especially in light of Zika, Dengue etc. - Aug 2016

Ants, lots of cockroaches, mosquitoes, some with dengue. The housing is all near the river, so at times the mosquitoes are unbearable without lots of spray. - Aug 2015

Gnats, ants, and mosquitos, but nothing out of the ordinary. - Feb 2012

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