What English-language religious services are available locally?

Many on the Texas side. The area is predominately Catholic. The church in downtown Brownsville is old and charming and nice. We heard there is a mosque but haven't found it. We have seen one Korean church in Brownsville. - Apr 2018

There are no English language churches in our green zone so everyone goes to church in Brownsville. There are one or two Spanish language Catholic churches in the green zone and there may be other spanish speaking denominations represented but I do not know what they are. In Brownsville there are most religions represented. - Aug 2016

None in Matamoros, but some in Brownsville, most of the Catholic churches in Brownsville have at least one english service and some are preformed in both languages. Lutherans and Baptists are also in Brownsville, not sure about anything else. - Aug 2015

Again, in Brownsville. - Feb 2012

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