Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Modified our domestic plan to include Mexico at no cost, but it depends on your carrier. - Apr 2018

We have one phone for use in the US and one phone for use in Mexico (provided by the consulate to EFMs). We also have a special antennae my husband rigged (one of the benefits to being married to an IMS guy) on the roof of our house that lets us get cell signal from across the river in the US to use our cell phone as home. The Mexican cell service is prepay - no contract. - Aug 2016

T-Mobile with wifi calling and unlimited international data, this has changed my life. We struggled with AT&T for almost two years. AT&T can pick up a signal depending on where you are in the city, but can also switch to TelCel and you can get hit with roaming. Employees are issued a Mexican phone as well and most carry both. You will be in the U.S. a lot, so you have to keep a plan that will work there too. - Aug 2015

We all use our regular, US cell phones, with regular, US cell plans. We live so close to the border that you can pick up US cell towers inside the Consulate and your home. USG provides everyone with a basic Mexican phone. Key officers get blackberries. - Feb 2012

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