How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

There are two supermarkets that have pretty much anything you need or want. For any specialty items, simply cross the border into the neighboring city of Brownsville, Texas. - Apr 2018

Due to the security situation, we do all of our shopping in the US in Brownsville, TX. There is one grocery store in our "green zone" in Matamoros but I have only been there twice. In Brownsville there is a Sam's Club, HEB grocery stores, and several Walmart Super Centers. On Saturday mornings there is a local farmer's market. The nearest Costco and Sprouts is an hour away and there are no organic stores in Brownsville. However, HEB and Walmart are beginning to carry more organic options. HEB even carries grass fed beef and dairy. - Aug 2016

They are slighly more expensive than in the midwest, less than Washington DC. Everyone does most of their shopping in Brownsville, but Brownsville is the end of the supply chain. Quality is not as good and price is a bit higher. - Aug 2015

Everyone grocery shops in Brownsville, TX. - Feb 2012

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