Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Families yes. Couples, only if the trailing member keeps themselves occupied. Couples can travel in Texas which is fun and an adventure. Singles, we observed singles work very hard and had limited social lives, and the socializing they did do was on the US side through online dating. They were successful in that regard. Singles also saved money and most all of them enjoyed the work and got their highest bid preference coming out of Matamoros. - Apr 2018

Not great for families with teenagers since they have no freedom and it is not easy to always cross to the US due to lengthy lines at the border etc. It has been nice for my husband and me (empty nesters) because we enjoy being together. - Aug 2016

Preschool aged kids are probalby happiest here. Our kids were younger and didn't mind spending the day at the zoo and a McDonald's play place and then doing the exact same thing the next weekend. Older kids would likely get bored and the security puts singles in a tough spot. With no real accessable safe nightlife opportunities on the Mexican side it forces singles to look to Brownsville or further (Austin). A couple with no kids might do ok, only to use the danger/hardship money to travel around the U.S. It is a bit of a fishbowl, and the community hangs out at each other's houses a lot; it's fine if people get along, but living and working with people under stress sometimes creates issues. - Aug 2015

It's an OK city for families and couples since you have Brownsville and the beach close by. There is a zoo, a few parks, a big mall, two movie theaters, etc. This is a terrible place for singles. There is nowhere to go to meet locals, and even if there were, you probably wouldn't be permitted to go there anyway. Mexicans are very friendly and warm, but it's just downright hard to meet them or to get into the community. - Feb 2012

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