Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Lots of volunteer opportunities available. Check with NGOs and churches. Our family is involved in a homeless feeding soup kitchen each week as it is rewarding and interesting. - Aug 2023

Orphanages. - Aug 2023

Just go anywhere and volunteer -plenty of help needed everywhere. - Aug 2022

There are lots of people in need in Ethiopia. Many NGOs have food projects, ESL classes, and other ways to help Ethiopians. Good places to look for opportunities are with NGOs and international churches. - Jul 2022

Some opportunities - it would depend on your interests and skills. - Aug 2020

There are several groups of expat and diplomats which you can join. The school has an active Parent group (not a PTO, as they do not allow one). This group can help you learn about the different opportunities. There are several WhatsApp groups and other online forum as well. You should not have a problem finding something of interest. The need in this country is overwhelming. - Feb 2020

Lots. - Oct 2018

You are not allowed to volunteer in Ethiopia as it is seen as taking away job opportunities from locals. - Aug 2018

There are lots of opportunities within your child's school. Orphanages, street children recovery institution, battered women centre, and diplomatic spouses group also have opportunities. - Jul 2018

I'm not sure but I would think so: there are dozens of NGOs and not-for-profits and the poverty and needs are staggering. Also, my vet friend volunteers with one of the local vets, which is an awesome arrangement. - Aug 2016

Lots of volunteer opportunities. Poverty is rampant, and development represents a good portion of the economy and money flows here. - Aug 2016

Surprisingly limited. A few people volunteer to teach once a week at local schools, but I haven't really heard of anything other than that. - Feb 2016

A lot of chances to help out but a quick note about "do-gooder-ism": few things are more annoying than a church youth group flying in and spending a week fixing a school or the like. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy but don't fool yourself about who the actual beneficiaries are. You've spent thousands of dollars to come here and do a job that could have been done by an Ethiopian for a few hundred dollars with no guarantee that the work you've done will last. What is useful is volunteering to help teach or tutor kids and to spend time at an orphanage helping any way you can. Plenty of chances to make a difference on an individual level as well. Choose your spots carefully however, avoid creating dependence if you can. - May 2014

Many opportunities with NGOs. - Jan 2014

Lots of volunteer opportunities with various NGOs. - Nov 2013


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