Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

The weather is nice. - Dec 2023

High Altitude (8,000 feet) means cooler weather, and even though there are mosquitoes, currently there is no malaria. Also, Addis is well connected with many places by non-stop flights. Restaurants, jazz clubs, cultural restaurants, Zoma museum, movie theater in a couple of malls. Also, Entoto Park is a nice place to for walking, hiking, along with restaurants, horse rides, go-carts, ropes course, and zip line, and trampoline park. Affordable and accessible (if you have a car). - Aug 2023

It’s nice to have a big house and an active expat community. - Aug 2023

None. - Aug 2022

A chance to experience life for Ethiopians, hospitable and kind people! - Jul 2022

None whatsoever. And I mean, really . . . none. - Jun 2021

You are close to Cape Town, South Africa. You can save money if you aren't afraid to read books and stay at your homes on weekends. - Feb 2021

It's Africa-lite - little serious crime, choice of schools, big enough expat community to have a vibrant lifestyle. Addis is a travel hub as Ethiopian Airlines operates from here to most major cities in Africa, Europe and Asia. Go see the rest of Africa! - Aug 2020

It’s a travel hub. - Mar 2020

When it's dry, it's nice. There is food delivery. Taxi service exists. Otherwise none. - Feb 2020

We have learned to be resilient and appreciate what we have. We've had good discussions with our kids about poverty. - Feb 2019

It's a good base to explore the rest of the country from. The food is good, but the city doesn't have very much to offer to be honest. Friendly people though, and safe. Ethiopian Airlines is Africa's best airline, so it's a good base to fly out of to other countries, although travel is expensive within Africa. - Oct 2018

travel to other parts of Africa and Europe - Aug 2018

Humbling experiences and able to see things different ways. Nice weather during dry season. - Jul 2018

There is a lot of sunshine and people are nice. - Jan 2018

Addis has the best airline links in Africa, so it's easy to get to Europe, Asia, or elsewhere in Africa on vacation. Massages are very cheap, and the coffee is incredible. - Sep 2017

Advantages? Three hour plane ride to the Seychelles and a major hub to other SSA cities if you need to travel. That's about it. Well, and the coffee. - Aug 2016

Don't really have an answer for this. - Aug 2016

Low cost of living. Interesting history. Good travel opportunities within Africa and up into the Middle East. - Feb 2016

Great climate, fascinating culture, pretty easy to save money. People are generally friendly, everyone has a relative in the U.S. - May 2014

You can save quite a bit of money if you're frugal. Domestic help is readily available and our family has had outstanding experience (cook, nanny, cleaning person, day guard). Our nanny and day guards seem like part of the family. There is a lot of history (Queen of Sheba) in Ethiopia, but you have to travel outside of Addis Ababa to enjoy. The temperature during the day, year round, is perfect. Although the rainy season can become taxing after a month or two, the temperature is still wonderful. It gets VERY chilly at night, so it's great to have a fire pit on the porch or to take advantage of your fireplace to help heat your sitting area. - Jan 2014

Saving money. Weather outside of rainy season can't be beat. - Nov 2013

Wonderful, friendly people, and a deep and rich culture. - Aug 2010

Ethiopia has a fascinating history and culture. Travel opportunities in the north (mainly historic sites and churchs) and south (mainly national parks and the Rift Valley lakes) abound, and are entirely unique to Ethiopia. The food is delicious - some of the best on the continent. You can save plenty of money living in Ethiopia, but it's easy to blow it on regional travel. - Jun 2010

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