Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

USA. There are several direct flights between Addis and major American cities. Connection to DC, our hometown, is about 12 hours. - Dec 2023

USA. Non-stop flights from Addis to NYC, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto. Ethiopian airlines has an extensive network of non-stop flights to north america, Europe, Asia, and Africa. - Aug 2023

USA. Direct flight from Dulles to Addis. About 15 hrs I believe. - Aug 2023

US - direct flights are available from a few major airports in the US. If not, you can reach it via Europe or Middle East. Many connections through Ethiopian Airlines. - Aug 2022

Washington D.C., there is a direct flight from IAD to Addis. Easy to get in and out of Addis. - Jul 2022

South Africa. About six hours direct flight only on Ethiopian airlines. - May 2022

The US. It is easy to catch direct flights from Addis to the U.S., though the Bole International Airport in Addis can be a nightmare. - Jun 2021

DC. 6 hours to Frankfurt and then 6 hours down on United/LH. - Feb 2021

Australia. Two long haul flights, a minimum of 24 hours travel. - Aug 2020

West coast of the US. Trip is 27 hours. Connections through Frankfurt and Chicago. Addis is a major airline hub. The ability to travel is a huge plus for this post. - Mar 2020

Lexington, KY. It takes about 24 hours to get home and at least three flights. To get to big east coast cities, it's typically two flights and 18 hours. - Feb 2020

We're from the US. Trip is a long one. Flying from Addis to California through Frankfurt, Germany. It's not difficult to get to Addis from some large cities around the world, but there may not be flights to where you want to go very often throughout the week. - Feb 2019

The Netherlands. - Oct 2018

The USA. Travel time ranges from 16 hours to 24+. - Aug 2018

Virginia in the US. Roughly 14 hours with Ethiopian Airlines from Washington D.C. - Jul 2018

The USA, There are direct flights to DC from Addis or many options if you fly through Frankfurt. - Jan 2018

Houston. The trip is usually 30 hours or so, with a layover in Frankfurt. If you're based in DC you can now fly direct, though on the ADD-IAD leg this requires a fuel-up stop in Dublin. 17 hours is a VERY long time to be on a plane. - Sep 2017

US (DC). On average, from door to door is almost 24 hours, given the nightmare of the airport here in Addis (factor in three hours at least and you will mostly need it, especially on a Friday or Saturday night - all flights out of her are late evening for the US). - Aug 2016

US. Depends from where in the US, but anywhere from 18 - 30 hours. Significantly longer returning to US, since altitude at post precludes "direct" flights. - Aug 2016

DC. The trip is between 13 and 24 hours depending on which way you're flying and your connections. There's a direct flight from DC on Ethiopian that takes about 13 hours. But flying back, they can't fully fuel the airplane because of the high altitude at take-off. So if you go 'direct' on Ethiopian it's 17 hours with a refueling stop. Otherwise, you go through Frankfurt, which takes ~24 hours in either direction. - Feb 2016

Northern Virginia. Not an easy flight unless you are allowed to take the direct Dulles-Addis route on Ethiopian Airlines (not a code share). Formerly you could connect through Amsterdam or Frankfurt but KLM pulled out so now it is only through Frankfurt, often with a touch down in Khartoum. - May 2014

D.C. There is a direct flight (Ethiopian Air). If traveling on orders, you may be forced to use a more expensive and less convenient carrier transiting through Frankfurt. - Jan 2014

Washington DC - 18 hours with connection through Dubai. - Nov 2013

California, over a day via various European cities. - Aug 2010

Washington, DC is home base. On Ethiopian Airlines, the trip is about 15 hours. With a connection in Europe, west Africa, or the middle east, it's 20 hours or more. - Jun 2010

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