Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

No. This is a very homophobic country. - Dec 2023

Ethiopia is not an LGBTQI+ friendly post. There has been significant reporting on this. Look before you leap. - Aug 2023

No way Jo-zay. - Aug 2022

Probably not. Most people are very religious - Jul 2022

No. - May 2022

In my opinion, this place isn't good for anyone. - Jun 2021

No. A same sex partner will not be given a visa. Ethiopians are generally vehemently against any relationship which is not Male/Female traditional. - Aug 2020

In my opinion, Ethiopians seem to be very homophobic. - Mar 2020

It's ok, but you may face discrimination as they follow a strict orthodox christian faith. This is a very conservative country, and you will need to protect yourself by following their norms while in public. - Feb 2020

No, I think you'll have to hide your sexual orientation if you're not straight. I'm sure there's some sort of underground scene, but probably hard to find and participate in. - Oct 2018

NO! It is illegal in Ethiopia. - Aug 2018

Not sure. - Jul 2018

I am not sure but I do not think so. - Jan 2018

Ethiopians have a very strong taboo against homosexuality but are not confrontational. I know one gay man here with a partner; he tells people they're friends or roommates, and if locals have any doubts about that they do not bring it up. - Sep 2017

Absolutely no way, definitely not. Ethiopians are very very conservative and devout. I was in a cab the other day and some jerk driver was going on about sins and how gay people were sinning, etc. If I had another way to get where I needed to go (and if even knew where I was at that moment!), I would have just told him to stop and left the cab. - Aug 2016

NOT. No recognition of this here. Very religious and conservative society (orthodox christian and muslim) and you regularly hear seemingly enlightened people talk about "sins against god." Being "different" is not only NOT valued here, it's downright dangerous. - Aug 2016

No. This is a very conservative society with regards to homosexuality. So if a large, active gay community is important to you, this is probably not the place to be. - Feb 2016

Homosexuality doesn't officially exist. People don't really talk about it but there is some nothing like the legislation and throwing people in prison like in other African countries. There were a few couples who seemed to get by just fine but there is not a thriving community. - May 2014

Probably not. It's neither open nor looked upon favorably here. - Nov 2013

Keep it to yourself. The Ethiopian culture is quite hostile to homosexuality. - Aug 2010

Ethiopia is extremely conservative, and sexuality is not openly discussed. However, discrimination isn't a huge issue, and at least in Addis a "live and let live" attitude prevails. - Jun 2010

Not really. Ethiopians insist that there is no homosexuality in Africa and they believe that it's perverse. - Mar 2008

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