Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Diplomatic mail. - Aug 2023

DPO. - Aug 2023

Do not plan on the mail system work for you. - Aug 2022

I haven’t tried to mail yet - Jul 2022

I use pouch. - May 2022

I use only USG mail. - Jun 2021

Pouch. - Feb 2021

Pouch - Aug 2020

Post just went to DPO. Can’t comment on how the change went. Everything is shut down with COVID at the moment. - Mar 2020

We arrived to a pouch post, but DPO is starting this week. That said, remember to ship your liquids in consumables. Just because you can send them via DPO doesn't mean you should. If they break, they damage the entire bag they are in. Angering your colleagues isn't worth the risk. Limited local postal facilities. I've seen DHL. - Feb 2020

We use mail services through the embassy. - Feb 2019

Sending mail or packages is not a problem, post office works quite well. We received mail at work, since they didn't deliver to individual houses. PO boxes exist. - Oct 2018

Embassy mail. They recently started charging to send outbound packages on top of the fee to ship from Virginia to wherever it is going. Many people seemed disappointed to see that. - Aug 2018

Through diplomatic pouch. You can also receive your packages and letters to your business or organization's office. You can send your packages and letters through local post offices. When you send a package, do not seal it. Postal workers have to check the content of your package. The main office near Churchill street is very crowded, so go to the ones in the city. - Jul 2018

Through the US embassy. - Jan 2018

Pouch. DPO is still "coming soon," but don't hold your breath. Plan for about two weeks from order to arrival, though sometimes you can get stuff in a week if you're lucky. - Sep 2017

Pouch. Allegedly, DPO " coming soon" but I've heard that for the last 12 months. Not holding my breath. I sent a set of important documents (was selling my house in the US) by DHL and it made it to DC within three working days. I was pleasantly surprised. - Aug 2016

We have pouch service. We were told prior to arrival that DPO was in process. A year later, the answer is the same. Don't hold your breath. It may never actually happen. - Aug 2016

Pouch, but the embassy is in the process of becoming a DPO (should be complete sometime in 2016) - Feb 2016

Through embassy pouch. - May 2014

We use the Embassy pouch. - Jan 2014

We are fortunate to have use of the diplomatic pouch. Customs will heavily tax things through other carriers. - Nov 2013

I use the pouch. The mail is reliable, though. - Jun 2010

You can use the Ethiopian postal service. It's pretty good about sending things out, but not so good about getting packages to the recipients in Ethiopia. Don't send any packages from the U.S. to Ethiopia unless you use DHL or FedEx or UPS. - Mar 2008

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