Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

No, not really. All of our kids' activities are centered around the school. There are horseback riding lessons at the British embassy, and I believe the French. - Dec 2023

Yes, most of the usual ones, if you know where to look. Tennis, swimming, martial arts, ballet, horse riding, skateboard park, and hiking. - Aug 2023

Through the school only as far as I know. - Aug 2023

Very little. - Feb 2021

Limited and often depends on which expat specialist teachers are living here. Kids football is run by a Canadian-Ethiopian at several locations around town including ICS. - Aug 2020

Yes. Both within the school and outside. The parent group is great disseminating this information. The US Embassy has a teen committee that is trying to create programs for the kids affiliated with the mission. - Feb 2020

There are sports and activities in and outside of school. The opportunities inside the school have been good. The selection in the city and at school is limited but this school has more activities/sports than any other school we've been to. Students can play soccer, rugby, running and other sports depending upon their age. After school activities provide a wide range of choices from dance to art to math games. - Feb 2019

Very limited in my opinion. - Aug 2018

Some sports activities for kids are held at Juventus. Horseback riding (Italian Embassy, one near Mekanisa Ato church), ballet, soccer, and are available. There may be more. - Jul 2018

There are almost none. - Jan 2018

Again, no personal experience. - Aug 2016

I think there are sports programs available through the international school - Feb 2016

Yes, through ICS. Also horseback riding is popular. - May 2014

At ICS. - Jan 2014

Probably through ICS. - Nov 2013

Through the schools only. - Jun 2012

Yes, through the schools. Quite good I hear. - Aug 2010

Yes. - Jun 2010

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