Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

I use the embassy gym but there are commercial gyms that are high quality. People run in a nearby Entoto Park. Many expats with kids at ICS play soccer etc. there. Otherwise, there are no sports facilities or running trails in the city. - Dec 2023

The US embassy has a pool, and a walking trail around the perimeter. None of the residences have pools. The apartment building has a tiny pool, in the shade of the building. There is also a gym at the embassy and some in the hotels in the city (for a fee). - Aug 2023

We got a pool membership to the Hilton and it was expensive. $400 for each adult and $200 for each child. You can also get gym memberships but I have no experience. Most people use the embassy pool and gym. - Aug 2023

Some gyms around, not so great, high prices. - Aug 2022

I haven’t personally used workout facilities, I typically work out at home. I have expat friends who use gyms and have had good experiences. I have heard the bigger hotels have decent gyms. - Jul 2022

At my workplace there's a gym. - May 2022

The Embassy has a nice gym and a pool. - Feb 2021

Gyms are available and vary from about US$100 per month to thousands per year at the five-star hotels. There is a social running club associated with the international school ICS, social football (soccer) and horseback riding lessons at the British Embassy stable by invitation. Not as much choice as we have had in our previous assignments. - Aug 2020

Small gym on embassy compound. There are supposed to be a few decent gyms in Bole. - Mar 2020

There are many local options for exercise, the school has a program you can join, and there is a gym at the US Embassy. You need these options as you cannot run or walk the streets. Cheaper than the US, but not the cheapest I've seen. Yoga, power lifting, Crossfit like classes, and running groups (even in a group not the safest) - Feb 2020

The gym at the embassy is fine. We always just have our own gym stuff with us. - Feb 2019

They're around, although not many. Not cheap, but not expensive either. - Oct 2018

There are some gyms around town, not sure of cost. - Aug 2018

Local gyms are available throughout the city whether they are quality ones or not:
Old Airport - Adot, Laphto - both small, but decent
Meskel Square - Ti'la - vey expensive but quite nice - has juice bar, but small
Bole - Bole Rock
Hotels has gym - Capital hotel, Sheraton, Hilton, etc.
Juventus Italian Club does not have a gym but has group exercises like Capoeira, kick-boxing, Zumba, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, Pilates, tennis, football, basketball courts, and table tennis. - Jul 2018

There are a few gyms around--not sure about the quality. There are a few expats that teach yoga and Pilates. - Jan 2018

The U.S. embassy has a small gym and a swimming pool long enough for laps, which is nice in the dry season. Bole has several gyms, often in hotels, including personal trainer services. No idea on price. Addis is home to Africa's oldest Hash House Harriers club, which includes both running and walking trails. Yoga and Pilates classes are available inside and outside the embassy. - Sep 2017

I'm a gym rat and having access to a place to exercise is important. There is a gym at the embassy which is fine but come lunch time, it's crowded. After work, very crowded. I'm not sure why they built such a small facility when there are hundreds of people employed at the embassy. The pool and tennis courts are nice. I don't know about outside gym facilities: before we came here, we bought a good quality treadmill, which has been a life saver, as well as kettle bells, bands, etc. So...we use a combo of the gym at the embassy and our equipment at home. - Aug 2016

There is a gym of sorts at the Embassy, through the Commissary. Relatively expensive for what it is. Pool and tennis courts as well. Small considering the size of community and lack of other options. We understand there are gyms in the nicer parts of town (Old Airport), but haven't really seen much that you'd use in Bole/Gerji.

There are "national clubs" like Juventus that offer classes in the evening. Not inexpensive and requires a car. - Aug 2016

There's a gym, running/walking path, and pool at the embassy. There are a bunch of fitness clubs frequented by locals, but no one from the embassy community uses them. - Feb 2016

A few gyms but they tend to be expensive. When these open, the equipment and facilities tend to be nice but maintenance over time is an issue. - May 2014

Push-ups and sit ups are free at home. No idea on costs outside in the city. I'm guessing hotel gyms are a little expensive, but not prohibitively so. - Jan 2014

Available but costs are unknown. - Nov 2013

Yes. They are everywhere. - Jun 2012

Yes, all over. - Aug 2010

Yes, there are a variety of choices across town - gyms, pools, tennis courts, one golf club, etc. - Jun 2010

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