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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

They accommodate case by case. I know some people who do speech therapy at the school. Not sure what else there is. - Aug 2023

ICS offers four distinct programs and can assist a lot of different needs, but not all. So check before you accept a posting. You can find different programs on the local economy. I do not know of each and every option, nor the quality, but I've heard of speech therapy, physical therapy, etc. - Feb 2020

ICS has a learning support team including a school psychologist, counsellor, speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist. The school tries to be inclusive. It's a work in progress. It's the most support I've seen at any international school my children have attended. - Feb 2019

ICS -- little to none. you may be requested to pay out of pocket if they decide that your child has behavioral issues even after being evaluated and shown not to have behavioral issues -- tens of thousands of dollars.
Lycee -- may be better equipped since they are part of the French School System.
Some pre-schools are working to build special needs programs.
- Aug 2018

I do not know much, but Andinet School has a good special ed teacher I heard. ICS accepts children with Down syndrome, and autism. Please inquire the school, as every situation is different. - Jul 2018

It is a very accommodating school. - Jan 2018

Don't have kids in school at this post, although I cannot imagine there is a lot of special-needs services here, considering the low level of services overall, particularly med/health awareness and services. - Aug 2016

ICS does try to tailor programs for special-needs kids and there were a few that seemed well-integrated when we were there. - May 2014

ICS is pretty good and getting better from what I here. They don't come out and say the support "special needs", but they have a "resource" department with solid teachers that can help. Better than many expat schools out there. - Aug 2010


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