Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Climate is actually great. November-April is sunny and dry, temps in the 70s. May to October is rainy season, but I didn't find it too rainy or depressing. - Dec 2023

Two seasons: Cool and rainy, followed by cool and dry. May-September is the rainy season. - Aug 2023

The weather is a huge bonus here. From Oct-May the weather is perfection at about 70s and sunny everyday. June-September it will be more overcast with rain in the afternoon or morning or both. - Aug 2023

Very distinct dry and rainy seasons. Plan your international holidays during the rainy season! - Aug 2022

It is really pleasant for most of the year! 70F and sunny for 10 months and 2 months in the summer of chilly temperatures (50F) and rain. - Jul 2022

The weather is moderate and mostly pleasant. - Jun 2021

San Diego weather. - Feb 2021

Mild and dry climate except for winter which is cold and rainy. - Aug 2020

Weather is fantastic. If the summer of rain doesn’t both you, the dry season is in the 70s to 80 most of the time. - Mar 2020

Very wet in the rainy season and cold. (July - November) Even though it isn't raining, October/November seems to be the coldest months. The only heat in the homes are fireplaces and space heaters. Make sure to bring warm clothes, slippers and blankets. Otherwise it is ok. Not too hot, not too cold. The sun is very strong as we are at 7,500-9,000 feet above sea level in Addis. It will burn your skin and fast. Outside of the city it can be hot. - Feb 2020

There's the little rainy season in March and then the normal rainy season from June-August. Then for the rest of the year it's warm throughout the day and cold in the mornings and nights. We were happy to have a fire place to keep warm here. You need good blankets on your beds for a lot of the year. - Feb 2019

The weather is pretty much perfect, apart from the rainy season, which last for three months, maybe four. - Oct 2018

Climate is cool in the evening and warm during the day (in the sun). Rainy season can be very cold compared to dry season. - Aug 2018

Very comfortable temperature over all, but the temperature and weather can change dramatically within a day, between 8C to 27C. Layers of clothing are important. The rainy season is in June, July, August, September. Small rainy season in March or April, but every year was different. During the dry season, you can expect to have shortage of water supply. During the rainy season, you can expect power outage more so than rest of the year. - Jul 2018

Addis has a nice climate, because of the altitude. The summer season is not to hot and the rainy season can get cold and wet but not too bad. - Jan 2018

Most of the year it's 75 degrees and sunny, all day, every day. The summer rainy season gets dreary and it rains very hard for an hour or two every day. It can get quite cold at night and houses have no insulation or heating, so bring some thick blankets. - Sep 2017

Ok for me, this is the one perk: it's not hot AND I happen to love rain (the problem here with the rain is that people turn into huge morons and it makes the traffic worse, if that's possible). There is no humidity and it never gets really hot (upper 80s maybe, at most?). The major rainy season is end of June-early September. The housing insulation doesn't really exist so it gets colder. You are at around 7500 feet so be prepared. My parents (sixties) came and were on Diamox although they are smokers). - Aug 2016

Good temperature. Cool to moderate, year round. Very cold at night during the rainy season. Not snow, but gets into the 40's at night. No heat or AC in housing. Extremely wet for 4-6 months a year. Sunny, but not hot the rest. - Aug 2016

Wonderful. There's a rainy season, which gets chilly, that last a few months during our 'summer'. But most of the year is sunny, no rain, in the mid-70s F during the day. I never wore tank-tops, but I also never wore anything heavier than a sweatshirt. - Feb 2016

Very moderate climate. Addis is at around 7000 ft elevation which keeps malaria away and means that it never really gets above 85 degrees (F). The sun can be intense so wearing a hat is mandatory. During the rainy season (July - September) it pretty much rains every day, torrential downpours, and it can be quite cold. We even had hail a couple of times. - May 2014

One long rainy season, one short rainy season. The dry season is dream-like. You'll never sweat in Addis Ababa. - Jan 2014

Very temperate for most of the year, with a 3-4 month rainy season that is wet and slightly chilly. - Nov 2013

It rains each day for four months, then it is dry. Very moderate temps. Weather-wise, a very nice place to live. - Jun 2012

Except for the "Krumpt" (the Wet Season from ~mid June to mid September) it is ideal. Though it's not warm enough to stay out at night without a jacket or a heater. Easy to wear a suit during the day. - Aug 2010

Addis has a long rainy season from June-September, and a shorter rainy season around February-April. During those times, it is often cloudy every day, with rain throughout the day. The tourist slogan, "thirteen months of sunshine," is rubbish - it is much rainier here than I expected. Outside of the rainy seasons (about half the year), it is generally clear and dry. Daytime highs are generally in the 70s, with lows in the 50s at night. Most homes have neither heating nor air conditioning. Addis is at high altitude (7,500 feet), which causes some people minor health problems. - Jun 2010

The rainy season (June-August) is quite chilly and wet. It feels like you're on Noah's Ark, and then the weather clears and it's absolutely lovely and dry for many months (September to May). - Mar 2008

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