Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes, there are great textiles and baskets. There are several decent galleries, too. - Dec 2023

Yes, there are places to buy handicrafts and artwork, baskets, woven items. That said, the shopping infrastructure is not great or well established. You have to know where to look for certain things and it takes a while to find out. - Aug 2023

There will be many events with vendors to do some shopping. It’s very enjoyable. - Aug 2023

Around the post office area for souvenirs. Don't expect to shop for new clothes or anything, it's all junk. - Aug 2022

There are beautiful and unique paintings and fabrics! Many people buy netulas or gabis which are the blankets that people wear and wrap themselves in. - Jul 2022

No. - Jun 2021

No. There are some beautiful fabrics and handicrafts and if you can ship furniture a gallery called Zebra specialises in Gurage-style rustic furniture. - Aug 2020

You can get textiles and baskets. - Mar 2020

Scarves are very cool. The dresses are pretty. Ceramics are limited and very not high quality. Art is typically very religious. It is illegal to purchase and take religious relics, but the metal trade makes decent copies. Coffee is alway good. Leather products are nice. In general, this isn't a big artisan country. That said it's a growing community and it will be in the future. Ir you have a distinct art/trade, be open to bring it to a group or a gallery and be willing to help teach it to locals. This takes time, but with persistence, it will benefit many. And it will help your morale. - Feb 2020

You can find all of these things at the monthly bazaars or the bazaars at the school (baskets, furniture, art work, jewelry, pottery, clothing). - Feb 2019

Yes, some nice handicraft items. - Oct 2018

Not really but it depends on your style. Opals. Coffee. Coptic Crosses. Woven cotton things... - Aug 2018

Ethiopian silk and cotton products. Baskets, some art, and coffee. - Jul 2018

No this is not a shopping post, but you can buy some local handicrafts like scarves and handwoven towels, baskets and coffee. - Jan 2018

Silver jewelry is nice and relatively inexpensive. Opals are also mined in Ethiopia, though not cheap. There are lots of scarves and other handwoven linens, and leather bags and accessories. There are many craft bazaars in the dry season, especially close to Christmas. - Sep 2017

Not really. The stuff gets old. The baskets/weaving stuff is nice many baskets can one person buy? The coffee rocks though. If you are a coffee person? You are coming to the right place. - Aug 2016

No, not a shopping post. Once you're acclimated you will start to notice weaving culture, etc. Generally of poor quality. If good quality, extremely expensive. - Aug 2016

Traditional coffee sets; traditional shawls/clothing for women - Feb 2016

Nice artwork, furniture, cultural clothes, teff! - May 2014

Coffee (need to shop around for taste/preference). Local pottery. Carved items. Scarves. Orthodox crosses are popular. - Jan 2014

Baskets, opals, coffee, art, scarves. - Nov 2013

Coffee -- It's the birthplace of the coffee bean. - Jun 2012

Coffee -- the best in the world! - Aug 2010

Artwork, Ethiopian crosses, silver, coffee. - Jun 2010

Silver and gold religious jewelry, beads, leather goods, hand-made drums, paintings on goat skin and cowhide, Ethiopian spices... - Mar 2008

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