Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Sense of humor. - Dec 2023

electronics with you that you may need. It can be complicated to order electronics via Amazon after you have arrived at post unless you know somebody willing to bring an item for you in their suitcase. - Aug 2023

Extreme patience, but your strength to stand up for yourself and demand what is right. - Aug 2022

Compassion, defensive driving, and patience - Jul 2022

Patience. - Feb 2021

Money. Lots of money. Addis is an expensive city, especially if you have lived in Asia. - Aug 2020

Rain gear, Pepto, fans, blankets, and a huge dose of patience for anything you do on the local market - Mar 2020

Medications for allergies, asthma, digestive issues and vitamins. Sweaters, warm clothing. Sunscreen. Your ability to be flexible. - Feb 2020

Immodium, pepto, charcoal, and antibiotics. - Feb 2019

Candles for when the power goes out. - Oct 2018

Patience, manners and acceptance. - Aug 2018

Low expectations. Positive attitude. Remember that there are people with nothing that still manage to smile. Sense of gratitude. Be courageous. Adventurous mind. Your comfort food like special chocolate from Trader Joe's. :-).

We were glad that we brought winter gear for visiting Europe during winter. We were happy to bring our swim suits for visiting Seychelles, Zanzibar, and Mombassa. I was happy to have rain boots for walking in mud and deep water during rainy season. I was happy to that I brought seeds to grow some vegetables in my pots. - Jul 2018

Good humor, big umbrella. - Sep 2017

Rain gear, Immodium, antacids, Gatorade or other rehydrating liquid, bleach and sunblock (at this altitude, if I'm outside for more than ten minutes, I really do get sunburn - be careful out here). - Aug 2016

Galoshes, rain jacket and umbrella (rainy season is endless here). - Aug 2016

Sunscreen. And a couple complete series of "Fill in the Blank" DVDs--you need to be able to entertain yourselves and kids without access to internet. - Feb 2016

High clearance vehicle and patience, not to mention sunscreen, umbrella, and sweaters. - May 2014

Good attitude, manners, and patience. A quality first aid kit and emergency supplies is a must (visit for handy lists). Matches, bring good quality matches. The local matches do not stay lit. Starting a fire at altitude is a science and often topic of conversation with lots of misadventure. Good tip: use ripped up cardboard as a starter, so save your packing materials! Consider bringing light bulbs, local stock often burn out quickly with the poor electric supply - Jan 2014

Patience. Rain coat or umbrella. Sun screen, sun hat, sunglasses. - Nov 2013

sweaters. - Jun 2012

spirit of adventure. - Aug 2010

patience, openness, rain coat, sunscreen, and Pepto-Bismol! - Jun 2010

Hats, sunscreen, running shoes, long-sleeved shirts, bird guide, binoculars, hiking boots, sense of adventure. - Mar 2008

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