Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Common sense. I try to laugh at things for the most part, Addis is a highly disorganized and inefficient city (really, it's more like an enormous village), having a sense of humor helps. - Dec 2023

All expectations for things to work. - Aug 2022

Rigidity, quick pace of life, and diving rules - Jul 2022

Sense of sanity. - Jun 2021

Expectations of sleep and Western timelines. - Feb 2021

Preconceptions about Addis. - Aug 2020

Expectation of working internet, belief that food will not try to kill you, and the ability to walk around freely. - Mar 2020

Health, happiness, sense of freedom, beautiful car, sense of driving rules etc. Be prepared for times of struggle and dents in your car. - Feb 2020

Good health, both mental and physical. - Feb 2019

Netflix subscription. - Oct 2018

Taste of really good food, fast commute, and clean air. - Aug 2018

Any expectations of western world, sour and bad attitude, closed mindedness. Bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t get very far until you change it. - Jul 2018

Antimalarials, Netflix addiction. - Sep 2017

expectations around internet/telecommunications - Aug 2016

Telecommuting job or plans for distance education. - Aug 2016

Cold weather gear. Your expectations of building friendships with locals. - Feb 2016

Shorts, objection to being the center of attention wherever you go. - May 2014

Road rage, shorts (unless you want to swim at a hotel or resort), unrealistic expectations. - Jan 2014

Cold weather clothing. Expectations that: - anything will happen on time. - you can get a straight/complete answer from one or two questions (without multiple follow-up questions). - your Ethiopian Airlines flights will operate as scheduled. - Nov 2013

electric-powered or biodiesel car. It ain't going to work here. Get a tough SUV or a small car you don't mind getting dented on a regular basis. Most people leave their car here in country when they depart. - Jun 2012

bad attitudes, racism, preconceptions. - Aug 2010

ideas that Addis will be hot and sunny year-round, or that Ethiopia will be like anywhere else you have visited! - Jun 2010

Addiction to high-speed internet access. It's super slow here. - Mar 2008

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