Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Mostly drinking. We do have a running group, however, and some people play golf and tennis too. As mentioned, there are a lot of "bazaars" too where people go more to get together than shop. Vendors sell local goods for ridiculous prices. - Dec 2023

Lots of groups, clubs, hiking and travel clubs, socializing with other Embassy and diplomatic community members. Most hotels have nice restaurants and buffets, but a bit pricy. There are also embassy social events and private gatherings. - Aug 2023

ICS Events, embassy events, dinner parties, birthday parties, etc. - Aug 2023

Bars - Aug 2022

Many expats socialize through going to international churches. There are also exercise classes, as well as various art or music groups throughout the city! Many locals socialize on a more close-knit level. Through getting to know the people who run souks (small stores) and fruit stands, you might be able to be invited into homes for meals and holidays. - Jul 2022

No groups or clubs, because it's not safe to go anywhere or do anything. Because of terrible traffic, most people tend to stay at home, or to socialize only with those who live very close to them. - Jun 2021

People tend to socialise in the area they live in, due to the bad traffic. We tend to socialise with other school parents or work colleagues. - Aug 2020

British embassy has Addis Arms with quiz, movie, and karaoke nights. People tend to host various events on the weekends. There’s usually something to do. - Mar 2020

Restaurants, get togethers at homes, art exhibits, there are several expat groups. - Feb 2020

Typical ways to socialize might include restaurants or formal events. There are some nice bazaars to go to that occur every month or around certain holidays. There are groups but we're not involved in those. We generally socialize with other families with kids. - Feb 2019

Expat events are heavily visited. - Oct 2018

Through school, get togethers at houses, jazz clubs, and embassy events. I'm not sure about clubs - Aug 2018

Going out to eat, home entertainment, hiking, running. There are running group to toast masters. Your children's school or organization may have more. - Jul 2018

School is a great place to meet for coffee, otherwise I think most people host their own events at home. - Jan 2018

Eating out, movies, dancing, live music, house parties. There are lots of festivals and bazaars in the dry season, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Internations is relatively active here, and the Hash is a good way to meet people. - Sep 2017

Parties mostly (at peoples' homes). I ride horses and use the British Embassy so that's been nice to meet people. For local stuff, I'm not really sure how to answer. - Aug 2016

At home. Some restaurants, but expensive, difficult to access and not of great quality. - Aug 2016

Mostly social life revolves around house parties, meeting for meals at restaurants, or group trips to the embassy campsite. That probably changes slightly when kids get older and families are more involved with the international school. - Feb 2016

Entertaining, cultural restaurants, clubs. - May 2014

Happy hours at work (finally starting to take off). Meeting up at hotels for entertainment/restaurants, but mostly entertaining at home. - Jan 2014

Watch DVDs in your own home. Visit other expats' homes. Basically, just things at home. There is one movie theater that plays *some* American films. - Nov 2013

Many short trips outside of the city are a good way to keep social and happy. - Jun 2012

Lively. - Aug 2010

Just about anything you want. There are plenty of restaurants and nightspots, everything from hole-in-the-wall to modern and opulent. Many people entertain in their homes as well. Ethiopians and expats from many countries mingle in many areas. - Jun 2010

As the mother of a school-age kid and a toddler, I'd say there's plenty to keep you entertained. I can't speak for singles and childless couples. I've heard that the nightlife gets old after a while. - Mar 2008

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