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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

There are a range of family member employment at the Embassy in a range of positions, plus in the UN community, NGOS, and the international schools, depending on your background and skills. There is also a robust seasonal hire program for EFM children (16 and older) to work during the summer. Most could work longer if they were available. - Aug 2023

EFM positions at the embassy. - Aug 2023

There are no expat spouse jobs available - work permits are needed and it is a lengthy process to obtain one. We went this way for my spouse and it was an absolute nightmare. - Aug 2022

It is hard to obtain work permits and can be difficult to find jobs. Teaching or remote options are good ideas. A typical salary for many Ethiopians is about 4000 etb per month (about $80 usd). - Jul 2022

Diplomatic. It seems locals don't like it when foreigners own businesses. In my opinion, it appears they feel threatened. - May 2022

Unless an Embassy has an agreement with the Ethiopian Government it is virtually impossible for diplomatic spouses to work. This may be different for other visa holders. - Aug 2020

The usual for an African post. Some work at their embassy, some work at local NGOs, artists, telework (as long as there is internet) and at the school. Local salaries are low. - Feb 2020

Some spouses I know of work at the embassies or work by telecommuting. I've been working at the school (ICS). Salaries aren't great but there's not much else to do here. It's sort of the norm in many countries for expat spouses and partners. - Feb 2019

NGOs, inside embassies/diplomatic missions. Telecommuting is challenging because of the internet and I have heard people have lost jobs because of it. Working inside Ethiopia can be difficult unless your government has an agreement. Local salaries appear to be low. - Aug 2018

Diplomatic missions, international school teachers, independent consultants and contractors, home based business, telecommuting, full-time and part-time. The local salary is not that high. If you are hired locally, make sure that the local employer comply with local regulations. - Jul 2018

There are not very many options for jobs, Telecommuting is difficult because of the slow internet. - Jan 2018

I don't think spouses can work on the economy, though there are a number of international organizations in town that offer some employment opportunities. There are some EFM jobs available at the embassy. Telecommuters would have a hard time here given the lousy internet situation. - Sep 2017

I'm not entirely sure but I think they stink - not intellectually satisfying and low-pay. I'm fortunate enough to have my old job, here (teleworking) but that's an anomaly. I have one friend at post here who was a vet in the States. Now? She is applying for an admin job at the embassy. I am not judging anyone or any job but simply stating the facts. From a financial perspective, making that sort of salary adjustment would be really difficult for most families/people, let alone what it does to one's career, etc. - Aug 2016

If you're in development, there could be work on the economy. Enormous development sector here. If at the Embassy, typical EFM jobs - low pay and lower levels of respect or job quality. Telecommuting is impossible due to lack of communication infrastructure. - Aug 2016

Yes and no. The US embassy has a bilateral work agreement and there are tons of development jobs floating around. But almost all other countries don't have an agreement in place, so you can't work here if you weren't brought into the country on a work visa. And there are basically no private sector jobs. So if you're a US Embassy spouse who works in development, it's pretty easy. Otherwise it's really really hard. - Feb 2016

Very hard to get work permits. - May 2014

No, maybe some opportunities at day cares. - Jan 2014

No. Even if you found something, the pay would be abysmal. (Paid) Opportunities with foreign NGOs are also much rarer than you might think. - Nov 2013

Many embassies and NGOs here filled with expats. However, it is VERY hard for the spouses to find work on the local market outside of the particular embassy they are assigned to. This cannot be stressed enough. If you are seeking to have two incomes, it will be very hard. - Jun 2012

Lots. Though be very careful about your visa. Be sure to be legal. The authorities are really cracking down, especially with the folks who just show up then try to get NGO jobs. - Aug 2010

Not many. - Jun 2010

There are plenty of NGOs. - Mar 2008


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