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What English-language religious services are available locally?

Every major denomination has English religious services: Evangelical, Adventist, Catholic, Lutheran, LDS, ++. - Aug 2023

There are a few places. - Aug 2023

No idea. - Aug 2022

There are lots of international churches and some mosques. - Jul 2022

Not sure, maybe Christian orthodox? Language is a bit of a barrier. - May 2022

Many different churches and mosques. - Jun 2021

I think there is a Catholic Church that does one service in English. - Mar 2020

Some but limited. - Aug 2018

Catholic, Evangelican, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jehova's Witness, etc. - Jul 2018

I think there are a few English-speaking churches around. - Jan 2018

There are at least Catholic and Protestant services available. - Sep 2017

I am not aware as I am not religious but I've heard there are catholic services. - Aug 2016

Catholic definitely. Don't know of others. - Aug 2016

Not well informed on that--I know there's an international Anglican church that is used more widely by protestants within the embassy community. I'm sure there are others, but I can't say specifically. - Feb 2016

Most Christian denominations are represented and there is a large missionary population so finding English services is not a problem. - May 2014

There are several protestant English services in town. The International Evangelical Church (IEC) is probably the largest. - Jan 2014

We don't attend, but we know there are some available. - Nov 2013

Yes - Jun 2012

The International Evangelical Church (IEC) is popular and entertaining. There is a fun Lutheran Church. There is a nice, if poorly attended, Anglican church. I've heard of Catholic, LDS, and Pentecostal services in English, but I've not attended one. - Aug 2010

Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and international non-denominational. Possibly others. - Jun 2010

Yes! There's a wonderful Anglican church called St Matthews. There's an International Evangelical Church and there's a Catholic Church. There may be more. - Mar 2008

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