Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Absolutely. Addis is basically a big construction site, it would be next to impossible to move around with, for example, a wheelchair. - Dec 2023

The usual developing country caveats apply: Addis Ababa is a hard city for people with disabilities. Consider your warned if you or your family has disabilities. - Aug 2023

There aren’t many sidewalks and a lot of potholes, and gravel. - Aug 2023

Even as a physically-able body person, I had troubles getting around. Sidewalks do not exist. - Aug 2022

It would be very challenging for someone with disabilities to live here. The roads and sidewalks aren’t even and there is lots of hills. Elevation is also pretty high (7,700ft) and can make it difficult to get around. - Jul 2022

Definitely. The country's infrastructure does not accommodate such 'sophisticated' resources for people with disabilities. There's no pedestrian walkway. - May 2022

They would have great difficulty. - Jun 2021

Yes. - Feb 2021

It would be almost impossible for most disabilities to be accomodated in Addis. - Aug 2020

Absolutely. Nothing about this city is ADA compliant. - Mar 2020

Yes. Not only are the sidewalks terrible/nonexistent, they have no issue robbing anyone on the street, even those with a disability. Most homes have several floors, elevators don't always work, stores have small isles ways, etc. It would be very difficult in Addis. Also know we are at a very high altitude, this can be difficult. - Feb 2020

Yes, it would be difficult to get around given the condition of streets, sidewalks (if there are any), and would have limited access to buildings (stores, restaurants, etc.). - Feb 2019

Yes, the smaller roads aren't great, and sidewalks are few and far between, plus lots of potholes. Also, Addis has a lot of hills, which would make it even harder. - Oct 2018

I think this would be a terrible option for someone with disabilities. - Aug 2018

Yes. - Jul 2018

A very hard city to navigate when you have a disability. - Jan 2018

Yes. Sidewalks are limited and often cracked and broken, doorways are narrow, and even single-story houses often have a few stairs. - Sep 2017

Serious difficulties. I hate to say it but I don't recommend this city if you are physically impaired. The infrastructure just does not lend itself to easy mobility (no sidewalks, pot holes, mud/small rivers during the rainy season), trash upon trash, etc. - Aug 2016

YES. Nothing, including the mission itself, is really accessible. - Aug 2016

Yes. Nothing is accessible. - Feb 2016

Yes. - May 2014

Yes, nothing is set up for wheelchairs. - Jan 2014

Terrible difficulty. There is nothing to accommodate disabilities. Nothing. - Nov 2013

The altitude is rough on everyone. This place is not designed for those with mobility challenges. - Jun 2012

There are almost no accommodations for physical disabilities anywhere. One exception: the brand new, about to open American Embassy is completely ADA-compliant. - Aug 2010

Very few provisions are made for individuals with physical disabilities. There are some modern buildings (shopping areas, office complexes, hotels) with elevators, but only in the newer parts of town. - Jun 2010

It would be pretty rough since the roads and sidewalks are a mess. - Mar 2008

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