Addis Ababa - Post Report Question and Answers

Is it easy to make friends with locals here? Are there any prejudices or any ethnic groups who might feel uncomfortable here?

No. - Aug 2022

Yes! If you try to make friends/ try to speak even a little Amharic, most people are incredibly kind and hospitable. I have been invited into so many homes. - Jul 2022

No. Rather stay away, be vigilant. - May 2022

I suspect that everyone feels uncomfortable here. - Jun 2021

I wasn't able to break into the local scene. The locals who I met were always asking me for visa help. - Feb 2021

Locals are mostly tied up with their own extensive family networks. We have made good friends in the returnee community though. - Aug 2020

They sure want to be your friend. I am not sure if it's sincere. Kids struggle in the school as the locals tend to keep to themself. But that is typical of most international schools. All expats will feel uncomfortable in Addis as being an expat makes you a target. So be cautions in getting to know locals. Many are kind and nice, others are opportunist. All will ask for a visa. - Feb 2020

Yes, I've made friends with locals here at work and it's been great. Any foreigners stand out here so you just have to be ready to get stared at. - Feb 2019

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