Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

I wish I had known how isolated I would feel. I was going to say I wish I knew about how bad the pollution was but I can't do anything about that so it wouldn't have made a difference. - Jul 2023

Bring linen cloth. It can be hard to come by, but local tailors are great and can really make you anything - Sep 2021

Nothing, I was pretty well informed and prepared. - Jun 2019

How bad the pollution would really be on my individual health. - Jul 2018

I wish I had known about the draconian movement restrictions. - Apr 2017

The terrorist threat. How difficult it would be to exercise. - Jun 2016

That ISIS and Al Qaida had set up shop and were aggressively expanding. - May 2016

That you can't escape from Dhaka very easily. This makes the city feel ever present and claustrophobic. There are very few parks and a number of them are dangerous. They will likely soon be turned into concrete along with the rest of the city. - Jun 2015

I would have a hard time feeding healthy foods to my family. You'll gain weight from both poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Both require much more effort because you no longer do your own chores, walk anywhere, etc...exercise takes more effort but doable. - Sep 2014

How challenging of a place to live it is. - Aug 2014

The pollution is rotten in the winter, but it gets better during monsoon season. Monsoon season really is the best. Don't drink the water in the shower or brush your teeth with it. The rules to cricket. - Jul 2014

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