Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Most apartments have a "gym" meaning a shoddy treadmill and a weight bench. The American club and the International school have nicer gyms if that is your thing. I'm not aware of any local gym facilities. - Jul 2023

The American club has a small gym. Pre-plague, you could buy a membership to the American School's facilities. - Dec 2021

The are available through the expat clubs; highly recommend joining one for social activities and sport. - Sep 2021

Not many. - Jun 2019

I have access through my diplomatic mission so I'm not sure what the options are on the economy. There seems to be a fairly active contingent of the expat community and people try to stay fit and active through tennis and other friendly sports competitions. - Jul 2018

The American Club and American School have gym facilities that can be accessed through membership in the American Club. The facilities are not great. The fee is $300 per year. - Apr 2017

The American Club has a small and basic gym. AISD has larger facilities, including a swimming pool. Both are free to Embassy employees and family members. - Jun 2016

Yes. There is a gym at the American Club, and at the American International School there is a nice gym and pool which embassy employees and families can use for free. Some of the other expat clubs have yoga, zumba, Muay Thai, etc. - May 2016

Limited and very expensive unless you can join the AEEA. - Jun 2015

yes - at the clubs - Mar 2015

Yes. Our residence building has a gym, the American Club, American School (AISD), and Annex. AISD will charge you more if you don't have students enrolled. - Sep 2014

The American Club has a small gym that gets the job done. - Aug 2014

Small gym at the Club; better gym at AIS/D if you have kids or are willing to pay US$200/year. - Jul 2014

The American Club and American School both have gyms. The school (US$200/year for a membership if you don't have a kid there) has a lap pool and a bigger gym with ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, spin bikes, and lots of weight machines/free weights. The club (US$25/month membership fee) has a splishy-splashy pool and a smaller gym with weights and treadmills. - Aug 2013

Yes. The American Club has a small gym for members, as does the American School. Neither is state of the art, but both are okay (treadmills, some weight machines and free weights). - Apr 2013

Most work out at the American Club or AISD. - Aug 2011

Both the American School and the American Club have workout facilities. - Jun 2011

Local gyms are available, but most Embassy employees use either the American club gym or the really, really nice gym at the American school. - Feb 2011

There is a gym at the American Club, and AISD has a new gym. I haven't seen any outside of these. - Jan 2011

At embassies and clubs. - Jan 2011

Yes, at the various clubs mentioned above. Tennis is very popular. - Oct 2010

At the American Club there is a small one. The American School has aerobics classes. - Apr 2010

Yes, and inexpensive--there is a decent gym at the American Club, as well as one at the American School that is open to the official American community. - Oct 2009

Yes, at the ARA and the American School. - Aug 2009

Yes. The American School has a nice gym that is very affordable. - Mar 2009

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