Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Endless biological warfare against dengue-ridden mosquitos. The entire winter the air is thick with mosquitos and the entire city turns into a chemical-soaked bug bomb. You will choke on burning coconut husk and deet while swatting your body and crying. In the summer it's mostly better except random blooms of life like when we woke up to thousands of dead crickets all over our apartment. - Jul 2023

Mosquitos are terrible during the dry season, which runs from about October until about May. Yes, that's most of the year. You will get bit. A lot. Accept it. DEET is your friend, as are those electric tennis rackets, and mosquito netting. - Dec 2021

No, the usual, but easily managed. - Sep 2021

Yes. Mosquitos everywhere from Nov-April. Be sure to seal your house as thoroughly as possible; not just for mosquitos, but also for the wicked-bad air pollution during that same time frame. Expanding foam, caulk, and duct tape are your friends. If there is an outside opening, block it. On occasion, I also saw roaches. - Jun 2019

Mosquitos carry malaria, dengue, and chikungunya - Jul 2018

Cockroaches, termites, weevils, spiders, geckos, rats, bats...and mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are ubiquitous and omnipresent...you will simply never escape them, constantly buzzing around you at home, at the Club, even in the embassy. - Apr 2017

Yes, mosquitoes and weevils are everywhere, as well as the occasional huge cockroach or spider. The mosquitoes here carry everything except malaria. Freeze all of your food to avoid weevil infestations. Bringing some liquid ant traps is also a good idea. - Jun 2016

Lots of mosquitoes (watch out for dengue), ants and the occasional massive cockroach - May 2016

Mosquitoes with dengue, malaria, etc. - Jun 2015

Dengue is a constant threat. - Mar 2015

MOSQUITOS! Some are not as bothered but I am a magnet for them. Luckily I haven't had Dengue Fever but I know some that have. I am rarely outside at night and you'll make your favorite fragrance, OFF! - Sep 2014

The easy pests there geckos. They'll live in your house and crawl around the walls. They're not a problem. The mosquitos are relentless. Ants are relentless. You have to spray yourself and the kids down with "Off" every time you think about going outside. Most, if not all, expats have the large outdoor bug zappers inside their house. - Aug 2014

Roaches, ants, wasps, spiders are common everywhere. Mosquitos are a real problem especially during dengue season. Malaria is not present in the city, supposedly. - Jul 2014

Mosquitoes! No malaria in Dhaka proper, but there is dengue, which affects several embassy staff each year. Nifty electric bug zapper rackets and nets for sleeping keep things under control in the residences. - Aug 2013

Mosquitoes are very bad from December through March. They are manageable the rest of the year. A bug net is essential (indoors with closed windows) during the height of mosquito season. Ants are also a problem, but they can be controlled with bug spray. - Apr 2013

Lots of bugs here, but we haven't had too many in the house (we are on 2nd floor). Large spiders, roaches, centipedes (huge). There are always ants, so just don't leave a food mess lying around. - Aug 2011

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes. In the winter they seem to disappear, and also in the hottest parts of the summer. Other than that, they are everywhere. - Jun 2011

Mosquitoes are omnipresent and ravenous, particularly in the dry season. Some people end up with (enormous) cockroach problems. My house is constantly infested with ants, although I hardly ever eat at home. - Feb 2011

Mosquitoes are very common and worse in the winter. - Jan 2011

Mosquitoes are by far worse than in any place in Africa we have served. While there is reportedly no malaria in the capital, there is dengue fever. Several expatriates in town known to us have fallen ill with it in the past 6 months. - Jan 2011

Lots of mosquitoes -- and increasing problems with Dengue Fever in Dhaka. And threat of Malaria and Japanese Encephalitis in some parts of the country outside of Dhaka. - Oct 2010

There are lots of mosquitoes here, and I would recommend bringing lots of mosquito repellent. There are quite a few ants as well, but ants are not much to worry about. - Apr 2010

Mosquitoes are a constant problem, especially since they can carry nasty diseases like dengue fever (on the upswing in Dhaka) and Japanese encephalitis (thankfully rare). - Oct 2009

Mosquitoes pose problems here with dengue fever. - Aug 2009

Mosquitos are a problem year round, but the worst in the winter. Malaria is not a problem in Dhaka, which is a relief. However, dengue fever is during monsoon season. - Mar 2009

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