Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Very hot and humid most of the year. It can get into the 60s in the winter. It doesn't seem to rain very often, but the sky is gray most of the year. - Jul 2023

Always hot. Rainy season lasts about 4 months. Get high boots if you want to walk to work, or walk anywhere. It never gets cold, it's never snowed in recorded history of the country. - Dec 2021

Quite hot and muggy, but it's lovely once you get used to it a bit. - Sep 2021

Winter time is cool, and dry, but poor air quality and mosquitos. Summer is hot and humid. There are a few "sweet spot" days in the fall and spring. - Jun 2019

Hot and muggy most of hte year and really rainy. - Jul 2018

The climate is generally hot and humid, and the sky overcast. During the monsoon, it will rain frequently and become even more humid. The temperature is quite pleasant during the short winter season. However, the weather doesn't really matter since most embassy staff will never have any significant opportunity to be outdoors due to the security restrictions. - Apr 2017

Hot and humid, with around 8 weeks of relatively cool and dry weather (which corresponds to terrible air quality). Monsoon weather in the summer. - Jun 2016

Hot and humid to hotter, more humid and rainy - May 2016

Hot and wet in the summer, dry and dirty in the winter. - Jun 2015

It's comfortable in the dry season - during the rainy season it's humid. - Mar 2015

If you like hot and humid then this is it. Monsoon season in summer months (Jun/Jul - Aug/Sept). "Winter" is at the end of the year with actual comfortable days but mosquitos are at their worst. Air conditioning in vehicles and home is a must. - Sep 2014

Hot and humid summer, hot and rainy winters. - Aug 2014

Hot. November-February is in the 70s F. March-June is humid but no rain, hot and muggy, temps in the 100s F with heat index in the 130s-140s F. Monsoon season follows; it is much more bearable and the cleanest time of year as the brick factories shut down when the rice paddies flood. It rains for just an hour or two on most days - beautiful lightning storms. - Jul 2014

Hot and humid. The pre-monsoon season is the hottest (90s-100s Fahrenheit with heat index pushing it up another 10-15 degrees). Monsoon June-August with frequent and violent rainstorms. Winter gets down to the 50s and 60s. Humidity remains high (I mean 85-90% high) throughout the year. - Aug 2013

Hot and humid. It is chilly in December/January (60s during the days; 50s at night). - Apr 2013

It is monsoon country. Someone once said that it is always dry-underwear season or wet-underwear season. It is always very humid, and temps often are 80-100F. There are a few cooler (60-80) months in the winter (Dec-Feb). Rainy (not all day) from May-October and very dry in the winter. We went from mid-Oct-March with hardly a drop of rain. - Aug 2011

Hot and humid summers. There are monsoon season's here, but they have been very mild since I've been here. Winters are very nice and cool. - Jun 2011

Horrifically hot and humid most of the year. The temperature finally gets to pleasant around December-February. Very, very grey skies for about 10 months out of the year. - Feb 2011

From January to early March the weather is a bit milder. The rest of the year is quite hot. Summer and early Fall is the monsoon season and Spring is the hottest part of the year. - Jan 2011

It's a candidate for the most inhospitable climate of any capital city in the world. It is like Abidjan squared in terms of heat and humidity for much of the year. December and January are cool. During the hot period, there is a pervasive smell of sewage/feces throughout the city. - Jan 2011

Hot and humid with a seasonal monsoon, typically in June, July, August, and into September. - Oct 2010

In Dhaka it is a lot like southern Florida. It is most of the time between 80F-90F degrees, and most of the time it is humid. During the winter the mornings were a little chilly, but during the afternoon and evening it was warmer but still humid. If you go to SriMongol during the winter, it can get cold. In southern Bangladesh there is some flooding, but if you are in Dhaka there is nothing to worry about. - Apr 2010

Hot and humid most of the year; June to September is rainy. The most pleasant time is winter (December and January), when there is no rain and temperatures during the day are in the low 70s (F). - Oct 2009

From March to October it is hot and muggy. Monsoons can cool it off, but only momentarily. From October to February, it is warm. You should bring a light jacket for evenings during the cooler months. - Aug 2009

Hot and dry or hot and wet for 8 months of the year. Mild and pleasant from December to March. - Mar 2009

Monsoon, hot, chilly, damp. - Nov 2008

Hot and humid; hot, humid and rainy; or dry and cool. - Mar 2008

Humid and rainy much of the time. However, it gets colder than you'd think in the winter. A light jacket is necessary. - Feb 2008

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