Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Endless displays of local crafts. Mostly baskets and rugs. Some art and furniture. This is a great place for local stuff, but if you ask me I'm skeptical that most of it is truly handmade or even made in Bangladesh. If you can convince yourself everything you're buying is authentic then you will have a great time buying things here. There is a lot of variety. - Jul 2023

There's some folk art. - Dec 2021

Yes. Interesing knick-knacks, baskets, prints, art, and soft-goods. - Jun 2019

Pearls and fabrics are amaazing and cheap here. - Jul 2018

There are interesting handicrafts, antiques and artwork, but the only opportunity for shopping are the vendors that the CLO brings into the Embassy each week. Selection and quality are very, very limited. Most embassy staff nowadays will simply never have the opportunity to find or purchase the high-quality items. - Apr 2017

Pearls, artwork, framing, fabrics (especially silk), brass statuary, rickshaws and rickshaw art, custom-made clothing. - Jun 2016

Pearls, tailored clothes, antiques, framing, bone china - May 2016

Antique brass - Jun 2015

Pearls, clothes, sarees, art. - Sep 2014

There are some awesome brass sculptures. - Aug 2014

Lungis. Pearls. Bone china. Bronze cast statutes. - Jul 2014

Pearls, textiles, brass sculptures, rickshaw art, handmade furniture/frames. - Aug 2013

Pearls! Saris! - Apr 2013

Wonderful and affordable pearls, beautiful fabrics, and affordable tailoring. - Aug 2011

Pearls and Bone China are probably the best buys. Also some pretty reasonable deals on brand name clothes that are made here and exported to the U.S. - Jun 2011

Pearls, hand-tailored suits, clothing, and shoes, and elaborate wooden furniture. - Feb 2011

custom-made teak furniture. - Jan 2011

Spices are great. - Jan 2011

Textiles, freshwater pearls, china, getting clothes made, custom-made furniture, picture framing, and tons of local handicrafts. - Oct 2010

There are great deals on export-level clothing and on brass items. - Apr 2010

Pearls, silk, and custom-tailored clothing are my favorites. There is also nice pottery, art, custom-made furniture, and china (many top international brands have factories here, and you can buy the overruns at dirt-cheap prices).Custom framing is a steal. - Oct 2009

Embroidered items, silks, Royal Doulton China (there is a factory here). - Aug 2009

Pearls, rattan and teak furniture, saris, rickshaw art. - Mar 2009

Saraya's Silk Tapestries, Scarfs, Wicker Items, Nok Shikatha. - Nov 2008

Pearls, ratan furniture, silk, brass, embroidery, material, etc. - Mar 2008

Picture framing is fabulous. The local art scene is quite good and many people have gotten fabulous works. Tailor-made clothing, bedspreads made out of saris, pearls, pearls, and more pearls. There's lots to buy here - some great presents can be found. - Feb 2008

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