Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

mosquito repellant - Jul 2023

Mosquito repellent. - Dec 2021

Tennis racket. - Sep 2021

Pollution mask and air filter. - Jun 2019

Umbrella. - Jul 2018

...whatever it takes to keep you occupied during the endless, dreary evenings you will spend alone in your apartment. - Apr 2017

VPN router - May 2016

Patience and ability to work in a car - Jun 2015

Sunblock, mosquito repellent, patience in traffic, sense of humor, motivation to exercise. Oh, bring extra work shoes (men) the humidity and dust will make your shoes fall apart...often! - Sep 2014

Umbrella, easy to wash sandals, costumes (so many costume balls and parties for expats), maxi dresses, light scarves. - Jul 2014

Stuff for home entertainment (parties, A/V equipment, home gym, play stuff for kids). - Aug 2013

sense of adventure! - Apr 2013

Sunscreen, PATIENCE and favorite foods/toiletries, toys. - Aug 2011

Umbrella. - Jun 2011

frequent flier card. You'll be leaving frequently to stay sane. - Feb 2011

mosquito repellent. - Jan 2011

mosquito repellant and 100% deet. - Jan 2011

bathing suit, sunscreen, used SUV, patience, love of travel, and interest in South Asian culture. - Oct 2010

sun tan lotion and mosquito repellent. - Apr 2010

OTC meds that you favor; any toiletries or specialty food products you like if you don't have pouch/DPO access. - Oct 2009

Rain boots, mosquito repellant. - Aug 2009

Mosquito repellent, sense of adventure, patience. - Mar 2009

Electrical adaptors. - Nov 2008

Sense of humor and patience. - Oct 2008

Umbrella. - Mar 2008

Patience, sense of humor, Star Alliance frequent flier miles and more patience. - Feb 2008

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