Dhaka - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

lungs and lifestyle - Jul 2023

Romantic views of poverty. - Dec 2021

Hiking boots. - Sep 2021

Furs. - Jun 2019

Winter clothes. - Jul 2018

...sense of curiosity about the local culture...you'll never experience the local culture, and you'll never get to know the local people. - Apr 2017

Shorts and sun dresses. - May 2016

Privacy and clean lungs - Jun 2015

Winter clothes, bikes, revealing outfits. - Sep 2014

Short skirts, rain coats (too hot!), high heels, weapons. - Jul 2014

Skimpy clothes. Winter clothes. Outdoors equipment. - Aug 2013

high heels. - Apr 2013

Winter clothes (unless you travel to Nepal/China/etc), love for malls/movies/entertainment. - Aug 2011

Winter clothes. Any expectation of privacy. - Jun 2011

Innocence. Lots of limbless beggars will be scratching against your window when you're stuck in traffic. - Feb 2011

winter clothes. - Jan 2011

car. - Jan 2011

Skis, nice shoes, china, nice car, and pearls. - Oct 2010

winter coats. - Apr 2010

Cold weather clothing. Anything precious that would be damaged by high humidity. Your nice new car. - Oct 2009

Parka, new car, new appliances (the inconsistent power fries electronics). - Aug 2009

Winter clothes, anonymity, new car. - Mar 2009

Snow boots. - Mar 2008

Love of orderliness and common sense - especially on the roads. - Feb 2008

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