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What English-language religious services are available locally?

The Vatican embassy, next-door to the US Embassy, has a regular mass. - Dec 2021

There are a few. - Sep 2021

Local Protestant and Catholic churches offer services in English. There are also local Muslim, Bahai, Hindu and Buddhist communities that readily welcome foreigners, but they don't offer services in English. As it is, US embassy staff are prohibited from visiting any local religious establishments, except for the Vatican Nunciature next door to the US embassy, which offers Mass in English. There is also an informal group of US embassy staff who conduct Protestant services at homes every weekend. - Apr 2017

American Club has a non denominational church on Fridays (Sunday-Thursday work week). - Jul 2014

Yes, Protestant and Catholic services available. There are local religious communities of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians in Dhaka. - Aug 2013

I think so. - Apr 2013

Not sure, but I believe there are several Christian services around. There is a Catholic/Italian house also. - Aug 2011

Yes. - Feb 2011

There are Christian services available at the Westin. - Jan 2011

I think so, but I don't have details to share. - Oct 2010

There are Catholic and Protestant services in English--not sure about others. - Oct 2009

Yes, Catholic and protestent. - Aug 2009

I think there are two English language churches. I am not aware of any other religious services available in English. - Mar 2009

If you're Christian, Muslim or Hindu, you're bound to find something that suits you. - Feb 2008

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