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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Almost everyone has some kind of help whether a nanny, driver, housekeeper, cook, or a combination. People typically pay between $100 and $300 a month for a full time employee, but often people share an employee part-time or make creative arrangements. Overall it's cheap enough that you might as well go in on it and you're supporting a local family that way. I had never had a housekeeper before, but the housing is so big and it's so dusty that I just didn't want to have to keep up with the mopping and dusting. Also as I mentioned earlier you will probably want a driver or a housekeeper to do your market shopping for you as well. It will improve your life and give work to someone that needs it. - Jul 2023

This is a bright spot. We hit the jackpot with our housekeeper. We paid her about $350 per month for full-time help. That's on the high side of the spectrum, but she was worth it. She cleaned the house, did laundry and shopping, and cooked dinner for us. Also the odd errands like dry cleaning and shopping for specialty items on the local market. We also hired a gardener who came with the house. We paid him about $120/month, which, in my opinion, was on the high side. - Dec 2021

250 USD for wonderful, English speaking nannies and house cleaners. Usually one ayah per kids for those younger than 5 and if kids are older just one for the bunch. - Sep 2021

Household help is inexpensive. You need to give specific directions and guidance, VERY specific sometimes. You may find that they will attempt to borrow money in the form of pay advances (that they generally can't repay). As with any employee, if they aren't serving your needs, then move them along to another opportunity. - Jun 2019

Very affordable and they do great work. I have a driver and housekeeper. I tried to have my housekeeper cook when I first got here but the food she prepared was much to oily for my palate, so I stopped having her cook. She does a great job keeping my place clean, and I haven't had any issues. - Jul 2018

Household staff is widely available and quite affordable. Most expatriates here have at least a part-time cook or driver. Staff used to have "ayahs" to help with the kids, but since families are no longer allowed at post, they are no longer necessary. - Apr 2017

Widely available and very inexpensive. Most expats have a driver and some sort of household help (maid, ayah, and/or cook). - Jun 2016

Readily available and gloriously inexpensive. - May 2016

Good and cheap. - Jun 2015

Available and affordable...on average US$200 a month for a full time employee. - Sep 2014

Plentiful and cheap. We had a full time maid/nanny, gardener, and driver. I think this costs us close to US$400 per month. - Aug 2014

Readily available; pay depends on hours and experience, but roughly US$150-250/month for a full time servant, nanny, driver, or cook. Locals pay their staff less and work them harder, inhumane by western standards, so it's easy to find good help if you know where to look, because expats are the preferred employers. - Jul 2014

Very available and very affordable. I pay US$115/month for a housekeeper/cook to come six half-days a week. The Embassy newsletter is teeming with ads for gardeners, nannies, drivers, and cooks. People have no trouble finding and affording domestic help (and all residences have maid's quarters if you want someone to live in). - Aug 2013

Very cheap and readily available at less than $100/month for a housekeeper who works 5 days a week. - Apr 2013

Very affordable and very plentiful. We had resumes at our apt before we even arrived. The embassy keeps a list of available workers as well. We have a gardener, a driver and a housekeeper/ayah for under $350 a month. All work 6 days a week from about 8AM to 6PM. - Aug 2011

Cheap!One of the best parts about Bangladesh. My housekeeper, for example, is paid about $125/month. She works seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Drivers are a bit more, due to their high demand. Gardeners, housekeepers, nannies, all easily hired and usually very trustworthy. - Jun 2011

Very, very inexpensive.$80-$150/month for just about anything, full time. Alternatively, maybe $1-$1.50 an hour for part time. - Feb 2011

Cooks, cleaners, drivers, day guards, and nannies are available and cheap and cost less than $200/month. - Jan 2011

low cost and plentiful. - Jan 2011

Cheap and readily available, although quality varies and trust issues abound. Be very careful and selective about the help you hire. - Oct 2010

Very affordable. Most expats have a cook, a gardener and a driver. - Apr 2010

Very available and inexpensive--about $110-175/person each month for full-time work. Many expats have drivers, housekeepers/cooks, nannies, and gardeners/guards. - Oct 2009

Very affordable. Most people have at least a part time housekeeper. Many people have a cook, housekeeper/, gardener, and driver. Most wages are between $100-$150 per month per person. - Aug 2009

Plentiful. Cooks/maids, drivers, and ayas are US$100-200/month. It is almost necessary to have a cook/maid for shopping and cleaning your enormous apartment/house. - Mar 2009

Very cheap but finding staff that speak good English can be a challenge. - Oct 2008

Plentiful and inexpensive. Most people have multiple domestics both male and female. - Mar 2008

It's available but the quality varies. Most people employ at least two people - some three or four. - Feb 2008

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