Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It is available and it works fine. It was up and running when i got here. We pay about $40 for 500 mbps, no cable. - Feb 2020

YES... the internet service is usually included in your lease so I don't know the cost. Negotiate internet and cable with your leasing agent. - Feb 2016

Internet is cheap and super, super fast. We pay about US$34/month for internet and land line and regularly get 95M speeds. - Feb 2016

Yes, it is available, but the qualitycan be patchy on base. - Jul 2015

It is available but surprisingly slow. Supposedly they are working on making improvements to the lines in the housing area. - Feb 2015

Yes, excellent service off post (I've heard on post is slower/more expensive). We paid about US$25 and had screaming high-speed Internet. You have to use a VPN for many U.S. sites to work. - Jan 2014

Fast and extremely cheap. I download at 10 megabytes a second (100Mbs internet speed) for about US$70 a month. With a VPN, you can get all the Hulu and Netflix you want. - Sep 2013

High speed internet is widely available. - Jan 2011

On base, the Korean Telephone Internet is about 35.00 per month, fiber optic, fast. - Dec 2010

Korea is considered the "most wired" country per capita in the world. Internet speed is superfast as Koreans would not tolerate slow connection speed. It's reasonably priced, typically $US40. - Sep 2009

Very good service at around US$35/month. - Jul 2008

Great broadband at about US$35 a month. - May 2008

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