Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Tzatziki. - Feb 2020

the army exchange and commissary cover most household goods. I would actually bring less of those things with me. If you are a 'curvy' person you will struggle to find clothes that fit and amazon will be your best friend. if your feet are bigger than a size 7 you will be ordering shoes too. If you are a woman, you better bring a good supply of 'feminine products' and be prepared to order from Amazon. - Feb 2016

You can get anything you'd want, either locally or through the DPO - Feb 2016

Nothing really. - Jul 2015

Everything is available here. - Feb 2015

Between the commissary and PX and APO, we could get pretty much anything. If you need specialty items for allergies, gluten-free, etc. that Amazon doesn't ship, stock up on that. - Jan 2014

Hot sauce, Mexican food condiments, ziploc bags. - Sep 2013

If you have specific toiletry products that you like to use, I suggest bringing extras. If you are not picky about brands, then this won't be a problem. If you have access to the Commissary or PX, you should not have any problems. - Jan 2011

Nothing special. - Dec 2010

As a US Gov't. employee with base and commissary access, you needn't worry about availability of items. That is the case if you don't have access too although be prepared to pay higher. - Sep 2009

Nothing I can think of. - Jul 2008

Everything is available here. Perhaps some gardening items. - May 2008

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