What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

I haven't been here long but there is gorgeousness everywhere you turn. NZ is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and that is for a reason. - Jun 2019

Seeing some moderately impressive landscapes while listening to Lord of the Rings fans describe in detail which scenes were filmed there. Enjoying the gorgeous harbor views while stuck in traffic jams on the one motorway leading into and out of the city. Queuing up behind hordes of Asian cruise ship tourists while waiting for weak beer and watery coffee. - Mar 2016

We found delicious restaurants in every corner of the city, but favored the ones in the Karori neighborhood (where our home was): Yummy Curry is a must-have and the fish and chips there are to die for. It's a great city for foodies to explore. Taupo was a favorite trip, and we loved exploring all of the beaches and hiking trails. There were numerous directions to hike right out of our own backyard. - Apr 2015

Being able to take photography courses in a gorgeous, photogenic country; Seeing 30+ baby seals playing in the pool of a waterfall on the South Island; Being able to take public transportation around the city and not looking over my shoulder for muggers and pick-pockets. - Aug 2011

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