What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Typical seasons that I was used to, just upside down. The summer was spectacular: no humidity, comfortable temps. Loved it. The housing does not have AC but I never missed it and I'm usually all about it. - Jun 2019

When it's not raining here, it's going to rain. When it's sunny you'll burn. You'll quickly become acquainted with SPF 70+. Try to get out and enjoy those rare days of good weather, though, as the climate seems to take a toll on people. - Mar 2016

Extreme. It gets very windy (and southerlies bring the arctic temperatures) and the sun is also very strong. Because of the average temps, I imagined using our patio for morning coffee (to take in the great views and scenery), but it was rarely comfortable weather - extreme winds, cold air, burning sun - to just sit in. Life is very outdoorsy, so long periods of gloomy weather + island fever can get to you at times. It's also important to note the raw nature of the climate - if you have allergies elsewhere, prepare for them to be extreme in this country. - Apr 2015

It's pretty windy, especially in Wellington. We've been lucky since we arrived and there hasn't been as much rain as the previous year. Temps stay between 40 and 75 F most of the year. - Aug 2011

From sunny and windy to rainy and chilly. It doesn't get colder than 35 degrees F or hotter than 80 degrees F. Great weather all year round. - Aug 2008

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