If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Car. Any furniture as the houses are 'densely' furnished. Lots of stuff. - Jun 2019

Used tents, dirty hiking shoes, filthy gumboots, and anything else that might get seized by customs for a biosecurity violation. Also, don't bother bringing any expectations of personal privacy or top-rate customer service. - Mar 2016

Honey! Don't mess with New Zealand's eco-system, they take it very seriously. - Apr 2015

Ethno-plunder made of wood, seeds, animal hides, pine cones and feathers (seriously - they will either take it or you have to pay to have it disinfected). - Aug 2011

American Car; Fur coats/winter gear (unless you go skiing on Mt. Cook and surroundings)...and umbrellas. Umbrellas will blow away or get destroyed in the wind. - Aug 2008

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