What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business at the Embassy, despite all the dust and smoke from the ongoing demolition. Kiwis are more casual, though, so Wellington is one of those rare places where you'll find yourself dressing down before you go to a meeting. It's anything goes after hours; New Zealand seems to be a grab bag of styles, although going barefoot seems to be a thing for all ages. The locals look for any occasion to wear costumes (known as "fancy dress") to office parties or get-togethers at the pub. - Mar 2016

Casual / Business Casual. - Apr 2015

Work - Business, business casual. Public - from what I can see you can wear whatever you want especially if it's a throwback from the 80's - Aug 2011

Casual / formal depends on the occasion. - Aug 2008

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