Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I don't believe so. - Jun 2019

Yes. Although the city of Wellington is easy enough to get around, you would quickly experience cabin fever if you tried to stay in town for weeks on end. Most of New Zealand's natural attractions are far-flung and unimproved, so a disabled person would end up feeling left out. Also, the Embassy is currently undergoing a seismic upgrade project, so the entire building has been transformed into a construction site until at least 2018. The one elevator remains out of service, and there is no timeline for it to be operational again. Bathrooms are few in number and regularly out of service, which means that employees would have to negotiate flights of stairs on a regular basis. - Mar 2016

I'm not sure; the streets were level and there were sidewalks everywhere, but the backcountry and neighborhoods were definitely made for stair-climbing and hiking. - Apr 2015

The sidewalks, as I can remember, have all ramps and are excessible to all with wheelchairs. Not all housing have the accessibility, so make sure you'll let the embassy know before coming to Post. The embassy has an elevator. - Aug 2008

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