Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

In general no, but people of an African descent are still somewhat rare in New Zealand. It's not uncommon to be seen as a novelty, which may result in being treated differently or being asked inappropriate questions. - Mar 2016

No, Wellington seemed very friendly and open-minded - Apr 2015

I haven't witnessed any so far. - Aug 2011

Some families felt the discrimination if you had a dark skin, or don't speak the language well...or were non-New Zealander. We're a mixed family...and generally, the New Zealanders are very reserved having foreigners in their country. We did not experience discrimination per se, they are just cautious if they don't know you, but it was there. We had some NZ friends, who were very outgoing...these are friends/neighbors who've been abroad and traveled extensively, so no problem with them. I guess it's what you make out of your tour. We met many friendly Kiwi's (as the locals call themselves).We joined a small Protestant Church with an American as head pastor; The kiwi's would have rather seen a New Zealander as head...but no one took or wanted the job as pastor. - Aug 2008

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