Dubai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Not really. The city feels very safe. - Mar 2021

The UAE is a very safe place. It is nice to be able to explore back alleys and back roads with close to no worries. - Jan 2021

Dubai is a very safe city. You won't have any issues even walking alone late at night. - Dec 2016

None. I mean it. This is a very safe city. It is often called "Middle East light." Any crime, no matter its size, is taken very seriously and often leads to deportations. However, the criminal code is very different than most Western nations. Alcohol, sex outside of marriage, and insults to government officials are very serious offenses. - Jul 2013

So far so good; feels like Singapore here. The roads can be a bit dangerous, as drivers are very aggressive - Aug 2011

No, probably the safest city I've ever been in. You can leave your car running with the keys while you run into the petrol station for 10 mins. A very safe city. As a woman sometimes you might be mistaken for a prostitute but that's easily solved by ignoring them. I feel very safe as a single woman. - Jan 2011

Dubai is a pretty safe place, but crime is on the rise. Home break-ins are becoming more common, so exercise standard precautions. The majority of issues still seem to arise from "wrong place/wrong time senarios." And the irritated gesture while driving can result in significant road rage and incarceration for the gesturer. Be aware that you are in the majority, but you are not always welcome. Youths who "hang out" in the many malls of Dubai may find themselves in altercations due to miscommunication/percived slights of honor,etc. - Sep 2009

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