Dubai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Many international schools available, including lycee and Swiss school for French programs. High quality, small classes, and mandatory Arabic classes (so your kids will pick up a bit of Arabic). - Mar 2021

We homeschooled this year due to Covid, and it has been a great experience. Public schools here are only for citizens and private schools are expensive, so lots of expats choose to homeschool. There is a large community, Dubai and Northern Emirates Homeschooling. We previously sent our older son to the American School of Dubai. I’d describe the school as okay. The educators are excellent and the campus has beautiful facilities. The academics weren’t a great fit for our son. We were used to the somewhat individualized learning typical in a lot of US public schools. ASD elementary school had the kids do lots of independent reading and writing which seemed great but didn’t connect with our son. There are lots of schools in Dubai, not many people seem totally satisfied with theirs, though. - Jan 2021

We have very little experience, as our son is two. From what I hear, schools are very expensive and of not great quality. You need to do research and probably stick to the International Schools - Aug 2011

A huge variety. Most schools are run for profit and that can mean some bad educational decisions. Depends on what type of school your're looking for, there is a huge range, but they can be pricy. Don't assume that most expensive equals the best. That is not true at all. - Jan 2011

There are many school options; however, waiting lists can be long. Apply early! IB and IGCSE are available at several schools. Our kids have attended the American School of Dubai and have been very happy there taking AP courses. Tuition continues to rise as the cost of living increases. The gov't has put caps in place, but people complain that many schools are able to get around them. - Sep 2009

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