What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

This is Dubai. Tons of restaurants ranging from cheap Pakistani food to extremely expensive high-end restaurants in five star hotels and everything in between. Dubai's restaurant scene is truly diverse and extensive. - Dec 2016

Every chain that you could imagine is in Dubai. 15 percent more expensive than in the U.S. - Jul 2013

Tons. Seems to be more expensive than in the USA - Aug 2011

Food quality and price can vary wildly. There are some truly fantastic restaurants here which are very expensive. There are also many cheaper options which are excellent. Lots of places home deliver (including all the big name fast food joints). Pretty much any type of food you fancy is available here. Alcohol is expensive. - Jan 2011

Just about anything you want is available, from street vendors to exclusive resturants. Naan and rice from Karachi Darbar runs about 4 AED. A regular Big Mac meal is 16 AED. You can feed a family of four (with adult appetites) for 70 AED at Ravi's in Satwa--Pakistani food. You can spend 150AED for Friday brunch at a hotel. ALL food establishments, from the kiosks at a mall to restaurants, charge a service fee. Sometimes it is shown on the bill. This is not the tip; this is the "tax" that is paid to the municipality. - Sep 2009

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