What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Diving in Musandam, Oman. Day trip to mountains of Hatta. Weekend in Abu Dhabi. Kayaking in the mangroves in Fujeirah. Art museums in Sharjah. Desert camping in Al Ain. - Jul 2013

Beaches, desert, parks, movies, malls... - Aug 2011

Heading out into the desert camping or wadi bashing is a lot of fun and you can do it in small groups rather than pay a tour company. Lots of sporting options through duplays. Always clubs and bars to head to. Abu Dhabi is an hour's drive and there is lots going on down there too. - Jan 2011

Do you have money? Do you like to spend it? Dubai has many opportunities to separate you from you money: skiing, water parks, water sports, boating, desert safaris, hot-air ballooning, restaurants, clubs, beach clubs, movie theaters, gaming centers, golf, go-karts/racing, shopping, etc. However, if you are hesitant to part with your money, things can become quite dull during the heat of the summer, when even the Gulf's waters are too warm to provide any relief. In the fall, winter and early spring, offroading, geocaching, and camping are great inexpensive activities. Fall and late spring are great for the beach. In the winter months, the water actually gets too cold to swim in, believe it or not. - Sep 2009

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